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25 Oct 2018




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 31 Aug 2018

There are certainly operations that we've memorized so well, we can perform them by muscle memory. We simply know where and when to move the mouse and when to click. In this kind of situation, you could get an automation utility and let it do everything for you. PlayStatic is an excellent choice for recording mouse movements and keystrokes. You can use it to perform repetitive tasks when the system starts up, draw something or carry out complex operations.

The application is absolutely free and it works on all popular Windows systems. It comes in a small package and it can be installed quickly, without going through any complicated configurations. It doesn't use a significant amount of resources and it doesn't require any special tools to be installed on your computer.

Everything you need to record your mouse and keyboard actions is placed in front of you, on a tabbed user interface. The application lets you set up mouse and keyboard operations manually, by inputting individual clicks and keystrokes. Additionally, you can set up a delay between tasks and set the application to repeat them. Alternatively, you can just hit a Record button, on the second tab and carry out your operation.

While recording, you will see every single action, including moving the mouse, being logged on the application's interface. When you are done recording, you can proceed to the next tab and run your recorded task, with or without a delay. Additionally, you can set the application to repeat the recording multiple times. Once you hit the Play button, the software will repeat everything you've done with pin-point accuracy. You will see each logged task highlighted on the interface, as the application plays back your recording.

The Settings tab contains a few extra options, which you may find useful. For example the accuracy of the mouse movements can be increased or decreased, according to your preferences. Recordings can be saved as single files on the hard drive, which makes it quite easy to load them and perform then again in the future. What's more, the application can be set to run a saved task at the next system startup, so you don't have to go through repetitive operations when you turn on the computer.

Thanks to PlayStatic's simple, but effective functionality, you will never have to perform repetitive tasks again.


The software can record all your mouse movements, clicks and keystrokes. You can set it to run recorded tasks at startup. The application comes with a clean and simple user interface and its controls are easy to master.


There are no serious issues to mention.



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